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Rockwell Automation Enhances Performance and Application Flexibility with Series Change to its 855H Industrial Electronic Horns and Combination Units

April 19, 2022

Rockwell Automation has initiated a series change for selected frame sizes of Allen-Bradley 855H industrial electronic horns and combination units (horns with attached beacon) to offer a higher degree of performance and to address a broader range of audible and visual applications on your plant floor.

This series change also will affect the 855H recordable horn combination units as well as our metal horn combination units. Shipping of the new product series will start in April 2022 for the recordable and metal horn combination units, with updated high-performance horns anticipated to ship in June 2022.

In most cases, the new Frame B, C and E 855H industrial electronic horns are drop-in replacements for the previous products, however, the new series offers several advantages over the current series:

  • 64 Tone table with 4 stages selectable via external wiring to annunciate a greater number of machine- or equipment-critical conditions.
  • Extended operating voltage range:10-60V DC units and 24-260V or 100-240V AC versions
  • Negative and positive switching for horn stage control
  • DIP-switch selectable pre-determined tones for stages 1, 2 and 3 as well as independent selection of stage 2 tone
  • Multiple lens options for quick and easy change of beacon color in the field
  • Vertically-mounted Xenon strobe beacons (Frame C and E combination units) for increased visibility

The new 855H recordable horn and metal horn combination units will also be offered with a multifunction LED beacon capable of operating in eight different modes (steady, blinking, and six different flashing patterns) easily selected by the user via DIP switch.

It’s important to note that this series change only impacts combination units; the standalone recordable and the metal horns will maintain their current series number and performance specifications.

Like their counterparts in current series, the new series of 855H horns and combination units employ reliable solid-state technology rated for continuous use, offer volume adjustment, feature multi-tone and multistage capabilities and are available in 24V, 120 or 230V AC, making them ideal for use in a broad range of signaling applications. Plus, the updated products maintain the same dimensions and ingress protection ratings, making them a drop-in replacement suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Below is a summary of the applicable series change per each product family:

  • 855H Horns Frame B, C, E will transition from series A to series B
  • 855H Combination units (Horn with attached beacon) Frames B, C, E will transition from series C to series D
  • 855H-RC Recordable Combination units (Horn with attached beacon) Frames C and E will transition from series A to series B
  • 855HM Metal Combination units (Horn with attached beacon) will transition from Series A to Series B

Allen-Bradley and is a trademark of Rockwell Automation Inc.