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New Mounting System from Rockwell Automation Reduces Wiring, Saves Costs

April 07, 2022

 Keep your panels clean, organized and compact with the CrossBoard® System. The CrossBoard platform provides flexibility in motor control and protection devices. The out-of-the-box system is provided as one complete base unit, a bus structure with IP20 touch-safe plastic housing, which can be directly assembled and fitted with components after unpacking. Components simply snap onto the CrossBoard without tools, meaning the connection is automatic.

Components can be easily removed and snapped back on to another section of the CrossBoard. For safety reasons, the lock mechanism must be released with a screwdriver. This prevents accidental removal of any components. The fast, easy and safe exchange of modules allows the timesaving and economical adaptation of the system to extensions and updates.

Available in two widths of 225 mm and 405 mm, the base units can be combined by adding a supply module to bridge the base units. Components can be fitted to the CrossBoard, and to conventional busbar systems using adapters. As a universal system, CrossBoard can be used with components from other manufacturers.

The CrossBoard with its all-around finger-safe protection offers a high degree of safety. Completely covered and protected against contact at all times, the busbars are never exposed during the removal of a unit, ensuring full operator safety. Empty space on the busbar is already covered and protected, so no extra precautions are needed when spacing components or not filling the entire rack with products.


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