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Rockwell Automation Provides Access to Critical Data with Enhanced Safety Laser Scanner

June 02, 2021

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SafeZone 3 laser scanner from Rockwell Automation is now enabled with Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Safety over EtherNet/IP. This gives users access to critical data needed for a comprehensive picture of machine or production line status. Ultimately, smart safety devices like the SafeZone 3 provide meaningful information so users can monitor machine health, increase uptime, improve flexibility and enhance safety, while lowering total cost of ownership.

The SafeZone 3 laser scanner integrates into Allen-Bradley GuardLogix safety control systems for SIL 2/PLd applications using Studio 5000 Logix Designer. It also supports Device Level Ring (DLR) network topology to help increase network resiliency. 

Designed to provide area or access detection in or around a work cell, the SafeZone 3 laser scanner allows users to simultaneously monitor up to four safety zones instead of switching from one to another. It also extends the scanner’s safety field range and provides vital diagnostic data over a single EtherNet/IP connection. This can improve productivity, such as by notifying workers with an alarm if they are nearing a hazard to help prevent a machine from slowing down or stopping. In addition, the CIP Safety capability expands available diagnostic data to alert users of common failures, such as the presence of dust on the scanner’s lens.

Intended for use on or around dangerous areas and hazardous points, the SafeZone 3 also features enhanced high-definition distance measurement scanning technology. This improves the accuracy of the scan data and increases the scanner’s immunity to dust, smoke, weld flash and other optical interferences. 

In addition, the configuration memory is stored in the system plug of the SafeZone 3, which helps prevent downtime when a quick replacement of the device is needed. Other features include a bright, multi-colored display with user-friendly push buttons for display of device settings and status. 

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