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Rockwell Automation Adds OPC UA Support to Its Product Portfolio

May 24, 2018

FactoryTalk Linx software allows communications across industrial IoT technologies from different vendors

MILWAUKEE — When building a Connected Enterprise, industrial companies need seamless communication from the enterprise to IoT devices. Companies can now take advantage of the OPC UA standard in Rockwell Automation products to achieve interoperability among their industrial IoT devices. Support for the vendor-neutral standard is provided through the FactoryTalk Linx communications software , which allows Rockwell Automation and third-party products to exchange data.

The FactoryTalk Linx software, formerly known as RSLinx Enterprise, is the central communication service in the FactoryTalk software portfolio. It acts as the “heart” of a Connected Enterprise by pulling and sending data wherever it’s needed. This now includes pulling data from third-party OPC UA servers, delivering it to FactoryTalk software and providing an OPC interface so third-party software can access data.

“Rockwell Automation helped develop the OPC UA specification, so it’s only natural that we bring OPC UA support to our portfolio,” said Ron Bliss, senior product manager, communications software, Rockwell Automation. “The FactoryTalk Linx software helps close communications gaps between industrial IoT devices, machines and software. This can help companies extend the reach of their Connected Enterprise and meet their smart manufacturing goals.”

In addition to OPC UA support, the FactoryTalk Linx software offers other user benefits, including:

Increased Productivity: The software can communicate with attributes of the new Logix 5000 tag-based alarm. This allows the FactoryTalk View SE HMI software to animate screens using alarm states and perform alarm interactions directly from graphical content. Removing the duplication of alarm states to HMI tags can enhance development productivity. And interaction with graphical content instead of alarm summaries can improve operational productivity.

Improved Network Redundancy: The software can support two network paths to a single controller or to two controllers in a redundancy system based on the ControlLogix family. This provides high-speed failure detection and can automatically switch communications to a secondary path. It can also keep information flowing and reduce recovery times in high-availability systems.

New Energy-Usage Monitoring: The FactoryTalk Linx Gateway software provides insights into CIP Energy data from EtherNet/IP devices with embedded CIP Energy support. This allows users to track energy usage and compare usage across lines and factories.

The FactoryTalk Linx software is available, along with RSLinx Classic, in the latest version of the Studio 5000 integrated development environment. The software now allows users to configure Ethernet driver settings right in a Studio 5000 browser, instead of in a separate application, for faster system changes. It also now provides a higher-bandwidth connection for wireless or remote controller communications, resulting in up to 40 percent faster controller download times.

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